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Patty Stafford

CTDI, C.L.A.S.S. & CGC Evaluator

Patty is very excited to share her passion of dog training with you and help you achieve your training goals and dreams with your dogs. She is a certified trick dog instructor (CTDI), a member of the American Working Collie Association, and is currently working towards her CPDT-KA. Patty’s love for dogs began at the age of 4 watching the Lassie reruns on television and she promised herself she would have a “Lassie” dog just like that one day. Years later she had her mother drive her to all of the local libraries to get books on dog training and dog care so she could be ready for her future dog. Patty’s first dog Bandit was a mixed breed and he is what caused her to fall in love with dog training and especially trick training. She started training him in 5th grade and little did she know it would turn into a life long passion for her love of dogs and dog training. Bandit went on to win best in show multiple times and Best Tricks in pet/dog shows that allow mixed breed dogs. This ignited her dream of becoming a trainer.

Patty got her first rough collie, Chase, in December of 1998. After working through several behavioral issues the team went on to accomplish many titles in several obedience venues including AKC, UKC, ASCA,  Rally, Herding, Temperament Testing, CGC, and Backpacking. They also participated in Therapy Work with Delta Pet Partners and were members of K9’s for Compassion, a pet therapy group founded by Katie Costello. Her other dogs Chelsea and Chloe were Chase’s best friends and were also titled performance dogs but much more importantly beloved members of the family.

Training truly strengthens the human/animal bond. By keeping the learning environment purely positive the dog learns relationship trust as well as respect for his or her owner along the training journey.  Patty is honored to share her love of dog training with you as you build a lifelong trusting relationship with your four legged friends and discover how you can Do More With Your Dog.

Patty is also a Canine Conditioning Coach, a Certified Pedestal Trainer, AKC Approved CGC Evaluator, AKC Tricks Evaluator, Certified Stunt Dog Judge, & C.L.A.S.S. Instructor & Evaluator, she is also an AKC Fit Dog Instructor, and AKC Temperament Test Evaluator and AKC Farm Dog Judge!