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Lorri Matey

CGC Evaluator

Lorri has loved dogs all her life. She loved every child’s dog book and was always most concerned about the dog in the movies when she was little. (This is still true for her as an adult!) She couldn't wait to grow up and have her very own dogs. Her dogs have always been her family and she’s very thankful for them. Emily, Elizabeth and Luke who are missed every day, Levi who is her very best friend and loved beyond words and the newest addition to the family, Tucker.  She loves all of them more than words can say. Lorri had always trained them on her own at home but absolutely fell in love with training classes when she and Levi started taking them together. They both loved classes so much and it was amazing how much they both learned. She can’t wait to have you in her classes to help you and your dogs experience those same things and to deepen your bond by working together. Lorri is currently pursuing her CPDT-KA through CATCH Canine Trainers Academy.

 She also helps Katie Costello with The Together Journey Service Dog Program. Two years ago the service dog program was just an amazing dream that has now come to fruition. It is beautiful and amazing to see how a service dog can change a person’s life and to experience their bond and partnership. 

Lorri lives with her 2 rescue dogs — Levi, an 8 year old black lab and Tucker, a 3 year old Australian shepherd — and her rescue cats, Sam 9 years old and Dakota 1 year old. She is a vegetarian who is passionate about the lives and well-being of all animals as well as nutrition.

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