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Kelley Summerfield, CGC

Kelley has been an avid dog lover for as long as she can remember and she has also owned dogs for most of her life. Saving, helping, and being the voice of the voiceless has been a passion of Kelley’s for many years. She has spent countless hours volunteering in shelters and with rescue organizations, in hopes to give dogs a second chance. Kelley is currently completing an internship with Katie Costello at The Canine Campus. Kelley has peaked an interest in canine behavior and training, impacting her decision to become a dog trainer. 

Kelley currently lives in Vienna with her husband Rodney, and their two dogs, Apollo (2), and Alister (8 months). Apollo and Alister have attended classes with Kelley at The Canine Campus including, Basic Obedience, Impulse Control, and Canine Good Citizen. Apollo has passed his Canine Good Citizen and his Therapy Dog Certification.


Kelley and Apollo enjoy working as a team and brightening people’s day! Kelley and Alister are currently discovering things they enjoy doing together as well!! 

If the weather is nice, you will find Kelley and her dogs riding around in her Jeep! Sunshine, Rottweilers and Jeeps are some of Kelley’s favorite things!!

Kelley looks forward to meeting you and your canine soon!

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